Support of Armed Forces of Ukraine

Current projects


“Drones for the UA Armed Forces service!”

Fundraising for drones for the 79th brigade of the UA Armed Forces!

To assist our defenders in completing their tasks, the "New World Odesa" Charity responded to the request of the 79th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is currently located in the hottest direction of the front - the Eastern!


“Protect the sky above our city!”

Our defenders, the air defense brigades of the Southern District, are doing everything possible to protect us from the attacks of the infamous "Shahed-136" and others. But we also should not sit idly, we can contribute to the protection of our homeland.

To ensure more efficient work of the brigades and to facilitate the task of shooting down drones for our defenders, the guys need high-quality equipment: collimator sights, radio communication devices, tactical helmets, active headphones.

Currently, 20 sets of such equipment need to be purchased.


"Health for heroes:
fundraising for rehabilitation sports equipment
purchasing for our defenders"

While the active phase of the war continues, our defenders want to return to the ranks, to the service as soon as possible, and therefore some military units come up with initiatives and try to enable their servicemen to restore functionality even while on duty.

CF “ New World Odesa” gladly supports such initiatives and wishes to help our defenders recover their strength as soon as possible.

We received a requisition from one of the military units of Odesa, which allocated premises for the equipment of the rehabilitation room, to assist in the provision of building materials for repairs and the purchase of training equipment.

Completed projects.

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The amount of the project is UAH 100 00The project is completed.

Drone for the UA Armed Forces service!

Guys really need "eyes in the sky" - quadcopter Mavic 3. Fast and maneuverable! This little helper saves dozens or even hundreds of lives!

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The amount of the project is UAH 232 306The project is completed.

Car for the Ukrainian military

Purchase, preparation and transfer of a car to Mykolaiv defenders - a Ford pickup truck.

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The amount of the project is UAH 127 141The project is completed.

Форма для ЗСУ

Закупівля осінньої форми для військовослужбовців 79-ї бригади Ізюмського напрямку.

Відповідно до заявки від військовослужбовців, було замовлено комплекти форми за розмірами для кожного бійця. Якісний та сучасний тактичний одяг, що захищатиме хлопців у осінно-зимовий період.

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The amount of the project is UAH 114 759The project is completed.

Аптечки для ЗСУ

Комплектація та передача 20-титактичних аптечок за запитом військової частини А1420-Б з ротацією на Миколаїв та Херсонський напрямок.