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The long-awaited transfer of car for the Armed Forces.

August 21, 2022

The Ford Ranger pickup was handed over to servicemen of the Mykolaiv Areal Department of the Military Law and Order Service.
The car will serve our military and will become a reliable assistant in anti-sabotage operations, work at checkpoints, patrolling, etc.
Our strength and victory in the UA Armed Forces! 💛💙

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The pickup was handed over to the UA Armed Forces

August 18, 2022

One of the directions of our foundation's work has become the support of the Armed Forces. 💛💙
Today, we want to go back a few months ago and show what a reliable assistant we found and transferred to the military unit of the Mykolaiv region.
We are happy to support and guard the security of the Southern region together with the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Together we will win! 💛💙

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Transfer of tactical first aid kits to the military 💛💙

August 3, 2022

Transfer of tactical first-aid kits to a combat unit of the Naval Forces of Ukraine (southern direction). 💛💙
Novy Svit Odesa continues to help the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Our efforts are aimed at:- Purchase (completion) of individual medical first aid kits, kits and means for providing first aid;-Purchase of military goods: cars, thermal imagers, body armor, belts for machine guns, etc