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We visited our friends from Veterans HUB ODESA

April 4, 2023

We visited our friends from Veterans HUB ODESA to hand over tactical medicine and first aid items. Part of it will be used for trainings and education, and part will go to frontline medics.
Step by step, together to Victory!

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Medicines for our defenders have been handed over!

February 14, 2023

Thanks to everyone who participated and donated to purchase necessary medicines!
Friends, please take part in projects to support our defenders!
We believe in Victory!
P.S. Every time we meet with our defenders, getting to know them better and listening to their stories, the heart overflows with a sense of pride!

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for children with congenital heart defects!

January 25, 2023

Friends, for 6 years our foundation has been helping children of the Southern region with congenital heart defects. With your support, even during the war, we continue to help such children, doctors who treat them and specialized medical institutions!
at the Ukrainian charity online platform
Even the smallest contribution is important!We hope for your kind hearts and support!

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From heart to heart!❤️

January 18, 2023

Friends, we invite you to support our Foundation's projects aimed at helping children with congenital heart defects, supporting doctors and specialized medical institutions in Odessa.
Join in!

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January 10, 2023

Join our projects:"Let's protect the sky of Odesa!" Fundraising for equipment for mobile groups to combat the "Shahed" UAVs that are constantly attacking our city and the whole country! Read more...
"Drone for the Service of the Armed Forces" Fundraising for a drone for the 79th Brigade of the Armed Forces. Read more...
"Purchase of winter clothing for the defenders of the South" Collection of funds for winter clothing for the military in the Mykolaiv-Kherson direction. Read more...
“Comfort in trench – powers to fight in field” Fundraising for household items required by our defenders! Read more...

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Join the collaboration!

January 3, 2023

On the Christmas Eve, when the world is filled with a sense of wonder and grace, it's time to be a part of a great cause!! ��💛
We wish everyone unquenchable hope in the soul and unshakable faith in Victory!!
Join the collaboration of BF "Novy svit Odesa & SOHOROOMS & FACE" - choose your merch and bring Victory closer together with us!
Go to buy at SOHOROOMS, Odesa, st. Richelievska, 32, FACE, Odesa, st. 17, Richelievska
All funds collected from the sale will go to support the UA Armed Forces! 💙💛

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December 28, 2022

The New Year is coming! A time of kindness, hope for the best and gifts!
Friends, we would like to remind you that you have the opportunity to participate in our charity projects and make a gift to yourself or your loved ones - by purchasing merch (a T-shirt or shopping bag) from our Foundation in the online store, in SOHOROOMS Odesa, str. Richelievska, 32, or FACE, Odesa, st. 17, Richelievska
The collaboration "Novy svit Odesa & SOHOROOMS & FACE" takes place in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Our common goal is to purchase equipment for the military units of the Southern region! 💙💛

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"Let's protect the sky above our city!"

December 26, 2022

At the request of the air defense brigade of Odesa and Odesa region, Charity Foundation "New World Odesa" helps to purchase equipment for mobile groups to combat the "Shahed" UAVs, which constantly attack our city and the whole country.
In order to ensure more effective work of the brigades and facilitate the task of shooting down drones for our defenders, the guys need quality equipment: collimator sights, radio communication devices, tactical helmets, active headphones. Currently, we need to purchase 20 sets of such equipment.

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From heart to heart! ❤️

December 24, 2022

Friends, we ask you to respond and support the Foundation’s projects, which are focused on helping children with congenital heart defects of the Southern regions of Ukraine.
Since the establishment of the Foundation "New World Odesa" has been engaged in this direction, and in wartime we actively continue to help such children, doctors who treat them and specialized medical institutions!
From heart to heart!❤️
Join in!

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Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

December 20, 2022

The war has not gone anywhere, although it is gradually moving away from our homes thanks to the heroism and self-sacrifice of men and women from the UA Armed Forces!
Our defender still need support! It is too early to relax! We are still working for Victory!
Providing our defenders with the necessary items and equipment - it is our front line! And even though it lais far from the front line, but it is also very important for the Victory of Ukraine!
Friends, join the projects of our Foundation and support the Armed Forces of Ukraine!