“Drone for the UA Armed Forces service!”


“Drone for the UA Armed Forces service”

Dear friends!
Our courageous soldiers continue to stand steadfastly on the guard of our peace and liberate the temporarily occupied territories from the invaders.

We are deeply grateful to each of the guys who defend our Motherland, and we try to help in everything we can.

Today we are talking about the importance of technical support for the offensive potential of our defenders, namely - the thing that can save lives and help in reconnaissance - a quadcopter!
A quadcopter is the eyes that keep an eye on the unit's safety and provide an opportunity to confidently move forward!
Try to move through an unfamiliar area in complete darkness - it is very difficult and dangerous!

In order to make it easier for our defenders to complete their tasks, the CF "New World Odesa" responded to the request of the 79th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is currently located in the hottest direction of the front - the Eastern!

Guys really need "eyes in the sky" - quadcopter Mavic 3. Fast and maneuverable! This little helper saves dozens or even hundreds of lives!

CF "New World Odesa” announces a fundraiser for the purchase of a Mavic 3 quadcopter to help our guys.

We believe that together we can quickly close this need and save the lives of our soldiers and civilians.

Join in!

  • The project is completed.

  • Need to collect UAH 100 000