"Health for heroes: fundraising for rehabilitation sports equipment purchasing for our defenders"

Sports Equipment for rehabilitation of our defenders

Every day, as a result of enemy shelling, thousands of Ukrainian soldiers receive injuries of varying degrees of severity. They are provided with qualified medical care in military hospitals and specialized medical institutions. But the subsequent rehabilitation of servicemen is also very important.
After undergoing treatment in the hospital, our defenders are faced with the problem of restoring their functionality. The consequences of injuries and long-term limitation of mobility lead to atrophy and weakening of muscles, contractures are formed, which do not allow full movement.
Even after saving the limb, effective repositioning of bone fragments or fixation of fractures, rehabilitation is necessary. This is a very important task, without which a full return of a serviceman to peaceful life is impossible.
Physical therapy, as well as physical rehabilitation, is the use of physical exercises and natural factors in the complex process of restoring the health, physical condition, and working capacity of patients with therapeutic and preventive purposes.
Means of physical rehabilitation include all forms of physical therapy - various physical exercises, elements of sports, massage, manual therapy. Physiotherapy, natural and preformed physical factors, mechanotherapy, autogenic training, muscle relaxation.
While the active phase of the war continues, our defenders want to return to the ranks, to the service as soon as possible, and therefore some military units come up with initiatives and try to enable their servicemen to restore functionality even while on duty.
CF “ New World Odesa” gladly supports such initiatives and wishes to help our defenders recover their strength as soon as possible.
We received a requisition from one of the military units of Odesa, which allocated premises for the equipment of the rehabilitation room, to assist in the provision of building materials for repairs and the purchase of training equipment.
We have already coped with the first part of the request. Funds were collected, materials for the repair of the premises were purchased and handed over to the unit.Some of the sports equipment have also been purchased.
We invite you to participate in the fundraising for the sports equipment for our defenders. Amount needed is UAH 120,000 ( USD 3000) Amount collected UAH 30,000 ( USD 750)
The list of the necessary equipment is given below:1 Swedish wall Ladas Universal
2 Fitness station InterAtletika Optima (ST-005)
3 Orbitrek InterFit ES 4.1
4 Fitness simulator Athlete portable (7573)
5 Bubnovsky's rehabilitation simulator
6 Bubnovsky's Espander (2 sets)

  • Need to collect UAH 120 000

  • Сollected UAH 30 000

  • It remains to collect UAH 90 000