“Winter is coming”

"Winter is coming"

Dear friends! We all feel that cold weather is coming, but our defenders at front line have no time to think about it. Their combat missions demand maximum concentration and dedication to force invaders leave our land.  
Charitable Foundation “New World Odesa” keeping contact with army divisions at Mykolaiv and Kherson directions. Recently we handed over pick-up truck for them to enable faster performance of service tasks. 
Right now we have request from them to help in purchasing warm uniform for autumn-winter period. List of items required is below. 
Cost of the set for one soldier is about 9 500 UAH.
We need to collect funds for 270 sets. 
1. Winter hat2. Boots demi season3. Individual transport bag 4. Winter military form5. Winter buff6. Rubber boots7. Fleece jacket8. Winter gloves9. Thermal underwear
We altogether are able to help and complete this requisition before winter. And our defenders will feel supported and have little bit more comfort during cold winter days.
We’re announcing fundraiser for purchasing of winter clothes for defenders of Southern borders!!!
Every donation matters!! Let’s support our heroes!Glory to Ukraine!