“We need to raise funds for 50 FPV birds”


“We need to raise funds for 50 FPV birds”

Hello, dear friends!
"New World Odesa", like all those who care in Ukraine and abroad, never gets tired of supporting our defenders in the fight for our Victory!

Today, probably everyone, from small children to the elderly, knows what drones are... quadcopters, steel birds, stinging bees on the battlefield...

Our craftsmen have learned to assemble and improve these devices according to needs and tasks. Requests for FPV drones come from all directions and from all branches of the army.

Our Foundation is no exception, and is also quite familiar with the specifics of this technique and how important it is in the required amount in the positions of our defenders.

So, having consolidated several requests, we are announcing a fundraiser of FPV drones that will be sent to assault brigades, SSO brigades and reconnaissance in the Kherson, Zaporizhya and Donetsk directions.

We need to raise funds for 50 FPV birds. We will equip them with the necessary "curiosities" according to the order of each brigade and send them flying for our Victory!!

We believe that we can quickly close the meeting, we believe in the strength and power of our defenders, we know that together we will overcome all difficulties!

Join in!
The required amount is UAH 925,000

  • Need to collect UAH 925,000