Doctors need our help!

Fundraising for a digital X-ray complex for the Voronovitsky clinic.


Fundraising for a digital X-ray complex for the Voronovitsky clinic.

Doctors need our help!
From the moment of its establishment, the activities of the CF "New World Odesa" were aimed at helping medical institutions and doctors. During the war, this direction remains relevant, such assistance has become even more significant and important!
We have got a request from Voronovytska district clinic of Vinnitsa region to help in getting humanitarian aid – digital X-ray complex, which is really needed to replace an absolutely outdated and worn out machine and no longer allows providing high-quality, quick and required volume of assistance neither to the residents of the community nor to the victims of war.
Just look at this horror...

The district clinic serves the Voronovitsa territorial community, which has a population of about 17,000 people, including 4 outpatient clinics, 7 schools, and 7 kindergartens! This x-ray machine is must have, because the distance of some villages from the city reaches more than 70 km, the villages are home to elderly people who are in need constant medical supervision! The community serves 21 villages and 1 hamlet, 8 family doctors working in the area!
The entire territory of the region, like many parts of the country, is exposed to aggressive actions of the enemy and suffers from incessant missiles attacks. Despite this, the medical service continues to function and provide the necessary care. Given the high frequency of military injuries of the musculoskeletal system, which require immediate imaging and quick decision-making, patients and doctors, whose hands save lives, need our support and help. Currently, doctors are working to the limit of their experience and capabilities. Modern equipment will greatly facilitate daily work and speed up assistance.

Digital x-ray complex Calypso F (MTObs) with a wireless flat-panel detector 35x43 cm, a workstation for receiving, storing and processing digital x-ray images and, if possible, the accompanying equipment of the x-ray room - for performing x-ray examinations of the civilian population and victims of military aggression. Рrovided humanitarian aid will be used for its intended purpose - to provide emergency diagnostics to victims of gunshot wounds, mine-explosive injuries, as well as to diagnose the degree of lung tissue damage in covid-pneumonia and other pathological conditions, in which X-ray examinations are of primary importance and irreplaceable.

The cost of new equipment in Ukraine is 6,200,000 UAH (165,000 USD)

Friends, we are initiating a company to raise funds to help the Voronovitska clinic and we really hope for your active support of the initiative!

Join us!! Every donate matters!!

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    UAH 6 200 000