Consumables for gas analyzer for Odesa Regional Children’s Hospital


Consumables for gas analyzer for Odesa Regional Children’s Hospital

Every day reanimation accepts small patients with absolutely not small problems. Age of patients starts from tiny, defenseless newborns and goes up to young teenagers. Children coming with different pathologies. It’s very often that there is only the list of symptoms and doctors need to dig into it to establish diagnosis and appoint necessary course of treatment.
It goes without saying that lab researches and analysis is very important stage, that help to establish correct diagnosis and treatment. Not only expansive equipment is required for such researches, but also consumable materials, which is unfortunately absent at Odesa Regional Children’s Hospital.

As of today, effective work of newborns’ reanimation, general reanimation and cardiac surgery reanimation at Odesa Regional Children’s Hospital directly depends on availability of block of reagents EasyStat. This block is used for researches of blood acid-base balance and blood gas composition. It is very important for patients who is at artificial ventilation of lungs and those with microcirculation failures. Around 90 analyses during 30 days can be performed with help of one block like this. But after that this block of reagents should be replaces. And so it goes every month…

Another inevitable part of gas analyzer work is constant diagnostics and timely replacement of electrodes. It’s them that responsible for converting necessary blood indicators into digital data. These tests take only few seconds, which is very important at the moment of patient’s examination, diagnosis and further treatment appointment, as well as during surgeries.
Unfortunately, supplying of reagents and electrodes for gas analyzer is very irregular and purchasing of small stock of such materials will provide uninterrupted work of children’s reanimations of the hospital for 3 months and can save dozens of children lives!

The requirement for purchasing:

- reagents block EasyStat – 6 pcs
- reference electrode – 1pc
- electrode PH – 1 pc
- electrode K+ - 1 pc
- electrode Na+ - 1 pc
- electrode PO2 – 1 pc
- electrode PCO2 -1pc
- probe cleaner – 1 pc

To give a chance for healthy and full life to Odesa children is in your power!Let’s save them together!

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