Collection of funds for protective clothing for doctors of Odesa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital


Odesa Regional Hospital is asking for help in purchasing protective clothing for medical personnel in the X-ray operating room.

Equipment of hospitals with modern instruments and medical goods – one of priority task for society today, because governmental financing is not enough for providing everything what is required by medical institutions and improves doctors’ working conditions.
It’s worth saying that life of the patient, safety of medical staff and efficiency of help provided depends on the quality of medical instruments and goods.

There is a list of operative interventions for children, which are to be done under x-ray machine control. This method is minimally invasive, what allows fast recovery after surgery and avoid cosmetic defects such as scars.
One of the main branches where this method is used - endovascular surgery. With help of x-ray equipment diagnostic manipulations are performed, that helps identifying further strategy of treatment more precisely. 

Different surgeries are made under x-ray control as well: correction of congenital heart defects, abnormalities in the development of main and peripheral vascular vessels and others.

These kinds of operations are needed to children at different age categories: from newborn babies up to teenagers. 

Very important factor in fight for the life of small children is a quality of equipment and safety of patient as well as doctor’s one, according to regulations and norms. 

That’s why Odesa Regional hospital requested our help in purchasing of protective uniform for medical staff to be used in x-ray operating room.

It is required to provide two protective sets consisting of:

- Vest and skirt (comprehensive all-sides protection) – 2 units- X-ray protection for thyroid gland (comprehensive all-sides protection) – 2 units- X-ray protective mask – 2 units
This kind of set is reliable protection for the doctor during diagnostics and many hours’ surgeries with constant x-ray use. Using of protective clothes increases level of safety and comfort for medical staff, giving opportunity of providing higher level of medical treatment for children.
Let’s support our kids, who are in need of such operations and those who will bravely fight for their life!

  • Сollected UAH 35731.45

  • It remains to collect UAH 150 301.55

  • Need to collect UAH 186 033.00