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The amount of the project is UAH 24 000The project is completed.

Let the little heart beat

Medicines for patients of the department of cardiovascular surgery Odesa Regional Children's Hospital

Medicines for patients of the department of cardiovascular surgeryOdesa Regional Children's Hospital

Health is the most valuable thing we have! It cannot be bought, won in the lottery or exchanged in a commission. Today we would like to talk about a small number of children who, having barely looked at their mother for the first time, end up on the operating table straight from the maternity hospital. And then cardiac surgeons, like real warriors, fight for a little life. And this salvation depends not only on the skill and professionalism of doctors, but also on the availability of rare and vital medications, which the state, unfortunately, does not provide enough of.
To carry out complex cardiosurgical (open or endovascular) operations with severe (critical) abnormalities in the development of organ systems, the medication -"Levosimendan" ("Simdax") is needed. It is often compared/called the "elixir of superpower", because it makes the heart contract when this function is impaired and increases the efficiency of its work. The medications has a unique property - performance of a greater volume of work of the heart without increasing the time for rest of the heart muscle, in simple words: the efficiency of the work of the heart increases many times, and the time for rest of the working muscle remains the same.

"Simdax" is an exclusive, hard-to-find drug and is vital in cases where the child's heart is severely altered, weakened due to developmental abnormalities. Its presence in the arsenal of medical preparations is mandatory! After all, timely administered medicine will significantly increase the chances of victory, otherwise you can lose in the fight against the disease...

The goal of our project is to purchase one bottle of "Simdax", which will allow the doctors of the Odesa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital not to lose in the fight for children's lives!

Your small support is a contribution to the lives of children from the entire Southern region of Ukraine!