"It is possible to reduce child mortality"Completed project

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The amount of the project is UAH 94 750The project is completed.

It is possible to reduce child mortality

Consumables for the clinical laboratory of the Odesa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital

Consumables for the clinical laboratory of the Odesa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital

Every day, very young patients with absolutely not children's diseases come to the intensive care unit. The age category of small patients starts from the most tiny and defenseless – newborn babies – and ends with almost adult teenagers. Children arrive with various pathologies. Often, young patients have only a set of symptoms, and doctors need to establish an accurate diagnosis and a subsequent course of treatment.

Undoubtedly, an important stage in the correct treatment is laboratory research, which makes it possible to establish an accurate diagnosis.To carry out such research, you need not only expensive equipment, but also consumables, which, unfortunately, are not available in the clinical laboratory of the Odesa Regional Children's Hospital.

Today, the full-fledged work of neonatal resuscitation, general resuscitation and cardiac surgery resuscitation of the Odesa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital directly depends on the availability of the EasyStat reagent block. This unit is used to perform a study of the acid-alkaline balance of the blood, as well as the gas composition of the blood. It is especially relevant for patients undergoing artificial lung ventilation, as well as for patients with impaired microcirculation With only this reagent block, about 90 tests can be performed within 30 days, after which this reagent block must be replaced. So, month after month...

At the end of May, during the installation of the reagent block, technical malfunctions were detected in the blood gas analyzer, which served to conduct further diagnostics. In the end, two parts in the equipment had to be replaced: the PO2 electrode and the probe cleaner. This ongoing repair has been a major challenge for the clinical laboratory staff, so the supplier company has provided the hospital with these parts, but they need to be paid for in the near future.

But cardiac surgery resuscitation is not enough to have a team of cardiac surgeons with magic hands. They vitally need the "magic solution", which is used during operations on a stopped heart - "Kustadiol" (cardioplegic solution). This medicine saves the child's heart during the period of circulatory arrest. During the operation, the function of the heart is performed by the artificial blood circulation apparatus. During this period, the heart muscles do not receive nutrients and oxygen supplied by the blood. In order for the heart cells not to experience a shortage of nutrients, pumping with a " Kustadiol " solution is performed before the blood circulation is stopped.The solution saturates the cells with nutrients and makes it possible to stop blood circulation for a period of time without significant damage to heart tissue. The lack of a miracle solution leads to high risks of irreversible damage to the tissues of the child's heart, and subsequently to more deplorable results.
Of course, supplies of reagents and solution for surgery are carried out extremely irregularly, and the purchase of a small supply of these materials will ensure the uninterrupted operation of the hospital's children's intensive care units for 3 months and save more than a dozen small lives!

Need to be purchased:
- block of EasyStat reagents – 3 pcs.,
- "Kustadiol" (cardioplegic solution) - 12 vials,
- PO2 electrode – 1 pc.,
- probe cleaner – 1 pc.

The chance for a healthy and fulfilling life of Odesa children is in your hands! Let's save them together!