"Protect children from pain!"Completed project

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The amount of the project is UAH 55 669The project is completed.

Protect children from pain!

Consumables for the intensive care units of the cardiac surgery department Odesa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital

“Protect the sky above our city!”

Dear Friends,
We live in a wonderful country and the best city in the world - Odesa. The city is called the Pearl by the Sea for a reason! We have amazing architecture, the sea and of course people that you will not find anywhere else in the world!
And we also have incredible landscapes, where the blue sky merges with the endless sea! And what picturesque sunrises and sunsets we have...

However, today all this is all under threat. First of all, it is a threat from the sky. Our city is under constant attack by terrorist drones, which target civilian infrastructure and ordinary people's homes!
Our defenders, the air defense brigades of the Southern District, are doing everything possible to protect us from the attacks of the infamous "Shahed-136" and others. But we also should not sit idly, we can contribute to the protection of our homeland.

At the request of the air defense brigade of Odesa and Odesa region, CF "New World Odesa" helps to purchase equipment for mobile groups to combat the "Shahed" UAVs, which constantly attack our city and the whole country.

To ensure more efficient work of the brigades and to facilitate the task of shooting down drones for our defenders, the guys need high-quality equipment: collimator sights, radio communication devices, tactical helmets, active headphones.
Currently, 20 sets of such equipment need to be purchased.