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Guarding children's health

Consumables and maintenance of medical equipmentin the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of the Clinical Odesa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital

Consumables and maintenance of medical equipment
in the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of the Clinical Odesa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital

In the everyday routine life, we don't think about the fact that even the most modern and super technological device, vehicle can be absolutely useless if it is not charged, refueled, serviced, etc. This principle of being can be attributed to any field of activity, and the medical field will not be an exception.
In the cardiac surgery department of Odesa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital, there is a lot of expensive equipment, which directly depends on the availability of consumables. It is also worth remembering that for the correct and accurate operation of the devices, regular maintenance is required, namely: calibration, diagnostics, current repairs - all this ensures the appropriate level of patient safety during manipulations.According to statistics, about 200 children are examined and treated annually in the department of cardiovascular surgery, 120-140 of them receive operative assistance in the form of heart surgery using an artificial blood circulation device or an angiographic device. In all these cases, syringe pumps are used without fail.
Syringe pumps are automated modern droppers, with the help of which drugs are administered with high accuracy, starting from newborns (weighing less than 1 kg) and ending with adult adolescents at all stages of treatment
In light of the above, the Cardiac Surgery Department needs help repairing several pumps, as well as purchasing a quarterly supply of consumables in the form of syringes and infusion lines, in order to operate smoothly. All this will make it possible to provide high-quality and safe help to children with congenital heart defects.
Support children's heart surgery and give a piece of your warmth to those who need it!