“Truck for Victory”

“Truck for Victory”

Counteroffensive actions of Ukraine Military Forces clearly shown that when decision is taken, performance is very fast and ardor.

Our Foundation is in permanent contact with soldiers of 79th subdivision at Izyum direction, supporting them with required things.

At the moment, the urgent need is the truck, for fast performance of tactical operations. There are a lot of thing that they also need, but mobility and reaction rate is in priority.

We believe, that all together we are able to help our defenders liberating our lands from invaders faster. The Foundation will obligatory report about the truck handing over to subdivision, just like we did for our defenders at Mykolaiv direction. Purchasing, technical servicing and delivery to position.

Total amount required is 300 000 UAH.

We request everyone who cares join us in this fundraising campaign!
Each donation matters!!
Appreciate your support!!
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Military Forces of Ukraine!

  • It remains to collect UAH 290 000

  • Need to collect UAH 300 000