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Give the smallest air

Ongoing repair of the ventilator in the department of cardiovascular surgery Odesa Regional Children's Hospital

Ongoing repair of the ventilator in the department of cardiovascular surgeryOdesa Regional Children's Hospital

A small heart is of great importance in the life of each of us! Probably, each of us dreams of becoming a father: kind, sensitive, fair and a little crazy. The appearance of a child in the family is a holiday, a new stage in life, new emotions and much, much more. But let's look at this event through the prism of parents whose children were born with congenital heart defects. There are magicians who know how to "fix" children's hearts - they are cardiac surgeons.
Their main assistants are medical equipment, surgical instruments, various means of medical use, etc. But the world is arranged in such a way that "helpers" also need help: replacing parts and other small things that are an important part of one big mechanism. In the conditions of limited budgetary funding of medicine, repairing and replacing the "trifle" in medical equipment for state hospitals becomes a huge problem. As a result, vitally necessary devices gather dust on the shelves, instead of saving sick children.

The Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of Odesa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital, the only one in the southern region, was no exception. 250-280 patients enter the department annually, of which 80-90 require respiratory support from a ventilator. This medical equipment is used at the time of surgery and in the early postoperative period. Also, in some situations, children arrive who need artificial ventilation of the lungs before the operation, and the connection of the ventilator gives such a child a chance to live to see it. For several months, one of the two ventilators of the expert class does not work.For the "second life" of the ventilator, it is necessary to carry out current repairs, namely: to replace the battery, motherboard, oxygen sensor and a set of filters (including HEPA) - all this is an illegal luxury for a hospital.

A ventilator can also be used to help patients during a COVID-19 outbreak.

The smallest citizans of Odesa really need our support. Any help is of great importance and can give them a chance for a healthy and fulfilling life!