"Give air to children"Completed project

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The amount of the project is UAH 27 444The project is completed.

Give air to children

Consumables for respiratory equipment in the department of cardiac surgery Odesa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital

Consumables for respiratory equipment in the department of cardiac surgery Odesa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital

We all know that a person can survive without food for several weeks, without water for several days, and without air for only a few minutes. Most newborn patients of Odesa Regional Children's Hospital, especially premature ones, cannot even breathe on their own. And helping these kids is the task of adults, ours and yours!
The purpose of this project is to collect money for the purchase of a set of respiratory circuits and means for respiratory support for children in the intensive care unit of the cardiovascular surgery of the Odesa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital.
The respiratory circuit is a system of tubes that carry oxygen-rich air from the ventilator to the patient's lungs.
In the modern world of medicine, patient safety is one of the most important factors. Regular use of sterile and disposable contours ensures the safety of small patients both at the time of surgery and in the early postoperative period. When the child is still weakened and breathing for him is carried out by an apparatus, the addition of an unwanted bacterial or viral component can cancel the hopes of salvation. Therefore, the presence of tubes, syringes, etc. is a must, without which the fight for children's lives is impossible!
During the year, about 130-140 patients undergo cardiac surgery resuscitation, most of them are newborns and premature babies, and such babies need careful and more expensive care due to their critical condition. The equipment that provides respiratory support is highly specialized, modern and not cheap to maintain. Therefore, our fund is very often approached by employees of medical institutions who are forced to ask for help from caring people, because the state does not adequately provide for their department. Very often, hospitals do not even have such small, but very necessary things like syringes, catheters, infusion lines for resuscitation of children, etc.Thanks to your support, we provide the department of the Odesa Regional Children's Hospital (the main medical institution in the southern region) with consumables, medicines, equipment, etc. and now is no exception.
Let’s bring more safety to children - give them chance to breathe!