“Сomfort in trench – powers to fight in field”

“Сomfort in trench – powers to fight in field”

Dear Friend! For us to feel safe and live in comfort, our defenders leaving their warm homes and risk their lives at front line.
We can help our guys to bring at least some comfort to their staying in trenches by arranging household items. Things required may seem very simple and usual for you, but can provide good protection from bad weather conditions, build necessary trenches and blindages.
Sleeping bags and caremats will provide more comfortable rest and with renewed powers chase invaders to leave our land. At autumn-winter seasons heating and dry clothes is very important. This task can be accomplished with well-known “burzhujka” stove.
Below you will see the list of item to be purchased. All these things need to be handed over to our defenders as soon as possible, because it’s fall already, and we all feel it.
Total cost of all items in the list – 552 000 UAH (13 485 USD)
1. shovel (20 pcs.)
2. spade (20 pcs.)
3. sapper shovel (30 pcs.)
4. generator 5kWt (5 pcs.)
5. “burzhujka” stove (5 pcs.)
6. pipe 100мм, м (10 pcs.)
7. chainsaw (5 pcs.)
8. sleeping bag (100 pcs.)
9. caremat (100 pcs.)
10. jerry can (20 pcs.)
11. axe cleaver (3 pcs.)
12. axe (5 pcs.)
13. pickaxe (2 pcs.)
14. sack (300 pcs.)
15. pillow (20 pcs.)
16. foam plastic sheets 50мм, м2 (30 pcs.)
17. fixing foam bottle (4 pcs.)
18. polyethylene film м2 (100 pcs.)
19. mineral wool slabs (5 pcs.)
20. water boiler (1 pc.)
21. flow water heater (1 pc.)
22. chimney pipe (two bends, one heat remover) (6 pcs.)

Each of us can pass a dash of own warms by helping in collecting funds for these small things that of a great worth at front line!!

Join us! Each donation matters!! Fight for our victory together!

  • It remains to collect UAH 482 000

  • Need to collect UAH 552 000